Monday, August 10, 2009

The 1st week of August and we are beat

Last week was largely taken up with an anniversary party that we were catering. This is an anniversary cake done over the weekend. The bottom tier is made up of 3 layers of alternating butter almond cake and baked cheesecake. The top tier has 5 layers of the same cakes. Each layer has a lemon curd spread. It is covered in fondant icing with yellow fondant ribbon and marzipan red roses. Marzipan as an icing decoration stays maleable and softer than fondant ones AND definitely much tastier due to the rich almond flavor. I love the contrast of the red roses on white fondant (above) don't you?

We made a mini cheesecake for ourselves to taste before we made the actual size for the required cake. It wasn't hard to imagine the combined flavors of the tangy creamy cheescake, butter cake and lemon curd.

We have made croquembouche or profiteroles several times BUT never managed to take any deserving pictures of them yet! The most recent ones made this past weekend disappeared too quickly before I had a chance of taking some shots...oh well. But try and imagine the above with spools of chocolate ganache arranged in a a pyramid structure with tiny lilac wild flowers and white orchids stuck in between each piece.

The making of mini pavlovas. Again, the finished product disappeared too quickly before they can be photographed. ( I think we need a food photographer friend to help out in this department ) Anyways, they were sensational looking and tasting. In fact, Kristian and I feasted on about 3 pavs each last night with dollops of whipped cream and strawberries while watching 'The Hangover' movie.


  1. DIVINE!! Love seeing all the new and incredible treats you are creating!!!! They look FANTASTIC! BRAVA! Love ya x SIS

  2. I had these last night and I have to say that these pavs are sinful! The first thing that I downed for the breaking of fast was three pavs in a row and another two after the meehoon goreng :)

  3. gypsy rose: HAHAHA thanks for that!!!!! XX

    sha: sooo happy to hear you're lovin' them sha. come back for more. XX