Thursday, July 30, 2009

Festive Hampers II

This hamper was assembled today. I apologize if you can't clearly see the contents. It has 2 loaf cakes - prune butter and lemon poppy seed, walnut brownies in our Bakerellaz box, heart shape cranberry shortbread and chocolate chilli cookies in the teacups. The wicker basket is well crafted and very sturdy. It is in limited stock so if you like this, please get in touch with us asap. Is valued at RM150.
Now back to the kitchen to prepare for tomorrow's catering.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Brownies Baby : )

OMG, I have just discovered that my Olympus digital camera has a super macro feature!! What a difference my photos look now!! Amazing. Super super psyched.

Let me share our brownie love with you. Is like marrying a bar of chocolate with chocolate cake. The offspring of this marriage would be a brownie. Dense, soft but not too soft, more creamy than cakey, we can't have enough of them.

Brownies shown are:

a)Walnut brownies - RM30/box (abt 480g)

b)Walnut brownies with white chocolate drizzle - RM30/box (abt 480g)
Not shown but also available is black cherry brownies which are deeeeevine - RM33/box (abt 480g) Will post picture of this very soon as well.

Festive Hampers

We've created and started selling hampers! The above is an example of what we've done under a limited edition collection for a client. It has a 500g butter loaf cake, a bag of meringue drops, a bag of sandwich icing cookies, a pair of coffee cups with saucers all nestled in a beautiful rafia basket. It is valued at RM120.

Let us design a hamper for your occassion with a choice of our cookies and cakes with prices starting from RM100. Do refer to menus posted for selections. I am racing to post new cookie and cake offerings and to incorporate them into the menus! But, a preview of new cookies are:

a)Date & Walnut roll - RM25/box (abt 400g)

Note: This recipe can also be offered as a pillow shape and also have apricot & almond filling.

b)Chocolate sandwich cookie with fruit buttercream - RM25/box (abt 400g)

Will post pics of these very very soon, I promise ; p

Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting inked on Best Eats

By the way, we are listed in Best Eats, a KL food guide put together by our fun, feisty foodie friend, Fay Khoo. The guide's reviews are done with candor and has a neutral approach which is much appreciated. I love the cover, don't you? Thanks Fay!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching up

I realise the blog has not been updated regularly and is terrible of me. I also know this is a rather new blog so I hope I'm not too missed.........Anyhow, Bakerellaz is back on track after a few months lapse getting side tracked with life to put it very generally. During that time, there has been a few events at my fashion showroom, popUP Showroom, and other venues where sweet and savory treats were served. The above was a huge hit at the showroom with the ladies who came to shop, get pampered and tasted these lil meringues with strawberries and fresh cream.

Ricotta cheese puff squares for a friend's dinner party.

Mushroom bruschetta and chicken wraps with yoghurt lime dressing for a birthday party.

Hors d'oeuvres tray of mini quiche tarts, chicken wrap rolls, BLT club sandwiches, mini burgers, and baby potatoes with sour cream and caviar for an event at Urbanattic Bar & Lounge.

Mini burgers. So cute and so yummy. Disappear in 2 bites or one huge one! This is superb for adults or kids' parties.