Monday, July 27, 2009

Brownies Baby : )

OMG, I have just discovered that my Olympus digital camera has a super macro feature!! What a difference my photos look now!! Amazing. Super super psyched.

Let me share our brownie love with you. Is like marrying a bar of chocolate with chocolate cake. The offspring of this marriage would be a brownie. Dense, soft but not too soft, more creamy than cakey, we can't have enough of them.

Brownies shown are:

a)Walnut brownies - RM30/box (abt 480g)

b)Walnut brownies with white chocolate drizzle - RM30/box (abt 480g)
Not shown but also available is black cherry brownies which are deeeeevine - RM33/box (abt 480g) Will post picture of this very soon as well.

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