Friday, January 23, 2009

Where is Kristian?

See if you can find him amongst the assembled boxes in the photo ; )

This pre-CNY week has been intense and stressful in some moments as we rush to fulfill orders. We're learning how to bake bigger orders instead of the smaller ones we have been getting. Call us kitchen scientists as we multiply, divide, add, break down, convert temperatures and weights, and analyse our recipes accordingly to meet demands. Tricky to say the least. Alas, cookies are baked and collected today on time even though I was half asleep this morning handing cookies over to Jenny, my dear friend and ardent Bakerellaz fan : p

We feel exhausted. Achy. Gratified. Happy. Slightly delirious from the lack of sleep. And looking forward to CNY finally.
In case you are wondering where is our menu, I am still working on laying it out in a way that is effective and aesthetically pleasing. Please bear with me and I promise to post link to menu real soon. This is what they call birthing pains. So many things to do and learn!!

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